• 12th Street Pilates

    12th Street Pilates

    109 E 12th St, Cincinnati
    Safety guidelines

    Pilates Equipment

    Clay is a really great instructor for beginners! Very friendly and he focuses more on breath work exercises. If you’re looking for a very challenging class he recommended booking a class with Cindy
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    12th Street Pilates is a boutique studio located in the heart of OTR. They offer…
  • Sage Yoga + Pilates
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Sage Yoga + Pilates

    1 Levee Way, Newport
    Safety guidelines

    Gentle (Non-Heated)

    I always feel more relaxed and in better shape leaving a gentle class. They just make you slow down and take stock of your body, and transition slowly into poses that help get your gosh in line. And Caitlin is 90% relaxing and soothing tones, and 10% subtly sassy lines that keep me internally chuckling. Love her classes, will continue taking her classes. Also, all the songs are usually pop songs done in these soothing yoga music remixes, and it’s sooo fun.
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    At Sage Yoga + Pilates, they work for it, they embrace real and raw. They keep an…