• BFree Yoga
    Yoga, Livestream yoga

    BFree Yoga

    3110 Guadalupe St, Suite #120, Austin

    BFlow (warmed)

    Evan is a great instructor. His class is a slow build! It starts nice and easy and then all of a sudden you’re sweating your a$$ off and getting an awesome workout. He does a lot of hands on assist, which I enjoy but I know some people don’t. But yea He’s awesome.
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    BFree of past limitations and move into possibility. Unify your body, mind and spirit…
  • Myo Movement
    Barre, Yoga

    Myo Movement

    4616 Triangle Avenue 407, Austin

    Floor Barre IN-STUDIO

    Great class! There’s a bit a learning curve and it may help if you love done Pilates or Barre before. But Rachel is incredibly helpful at explaining what to do and providing adjustments. I feel like I made improvements on some foot/leg alignment issues and strengthened the muscles in my feet and calves. Probably need another class or two to really “get” it, but I’ll definitely be going back!
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    Myo is an Austin-grown massage, movement and yoga studio specializing in pain management…
  • Austin Circling Studio

    Austin Circling Studio

    1205 West 42nd Street, Austin
    Circling is a meditation on what it means to be human and to be part of humanity…
  • Motiv8 Health & Fitness
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Motiv8 Health & Fitness

    Ramsey Park, 4398 Burnet Rd, Austin

    Interval Training

    I was a little confused as to where the class was located in the park, so it might be a good idea to contact them first and get an idea of where its located
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    Motiv8 Health & Fitness will help you to gain a new charge on life that will improve…
  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga

    4616 Triangle Ave, Austin

    YS - Yoga Sculpt

    Kelli has great energy especially for a 6:00am class! We were given the right amount of time to get settled in the class starting with child pose. Her class went by so quick and she did a good job breaking up high intensity sets with slower, strength sets.
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    Please show up at least 10 minutes prior to class. Most CorePower Yoga studios will…

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