• 3Minute Fitness
    Strength Training

    3Minute Fitness

    SouthSide Works, 2600 E Carson St, Pittsburgh

    3MF FIT

    Great workout! Mia is one of my faves. She’s always upbeat, friendly and makes sure to check on people throughout the class without being too intrusive. The staff here is always welcoming and creates a positive vibe!
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    Functional Interval Training is a fast paced and extremely fun style of training…
  • 6YCLE
    Strength Training, Cycling, …


    2200 E Carson St, Pittsburgh

    6YCLE's First Birthday!

    The space is great, diverse and the instructors are very welcoming and kind! I really appreciate that they didnt blast the music so loud that it damaged my hearing like other studios. Also loved the fact that there wasnt a display screen of everyones speed/distance, because that can sometimes be anxiety-inducing. My only suggestion is to space out the bikes more so no one is bumping into each other, especially during the arm portion.
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    6YCLE is a spinning studio bringing you modern day workouts with an experience you…