• Soka Tribe Dance Fitness

    Soka Tribe Dance Fitness

    905 U St NW, Washington
    Safety guidelines

    Soka Tribe Dance Fitness

    This class was so fun, energetic, and upbeat! I love how varied the dances we did were: The instructors had us moving all around the room, instead of just staying in one place the entire class! I was also happy that there was a true stretch/cool-down at the end of the class. The instructors were also fantastic! If youre thinking of going, go!
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    Soka Tribe classes bring the energy of Caribbean Carnival to your dance workout.…
  • FICA DC Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola
    Martial Arts, Dance

    FICA DC Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola

    733 Euclid Street Northwest, Washington

    Afro-Brazilian Dance Class

    No one was there when I showed up for class.
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    FICA DC is an organization that was founded by Mestre Cobra Mansa in 1995 to preserve…