• sweat yoga

    sweat yoga

    360 E 2nd St, Los Angeles


    I love Grace and the studio. My only feedback is the studio should not let late comers in after 5 min. It was very distracting one person coming in 10 min late and knocking down bottles and trying to find a spot in already super busy class
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    Sweat studios encourage you to be you, not some ideal of what a yogi looks like or…
  • Sanctuary Fitness
    Strength Training, Boxing, …

    Sanctuary Fitness

    718 Jackson St, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    INDOOR - Foundation HIIT

    Fun class. Super loud. Not kidding. I keep a pair of earplugs in my bag for concerts, and I had to put those in my ears. Definitely a party vibe. Worked my but off, tho. Getting swole at the club lol
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    Sanctuary Fitness is DTLA's premier group fitness studio offering strength focused…
  • Mixtape Athletics CrossFit & Boxing
    Strength Training, Gym Time, …

    Mixtape Athletics CrossFit & Boxing

    2121 Bay Street Downtown, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)

    Sadie is awesome! Really encouraging with helpful feedback. I loved the space, it’s always refreshing to see CrossFit gyms that are inclusive and have pride flags up. I have CrossFit experience so this was awesome to have through classpass. If you’re thinking of trying CrossFit, this is a really great spot. Good feelings. The 6am class was small today so more intimate coaching experience.
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    Mixtape CrossFit & Boxing is LA's only full-service CrossFit and Boxing gym in the…
  • The Bridge Mind Body Movement
    Pilates, Yoga

    The Bridge Mind Body Movement

    1855 Industrial St, 108, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    BUTI Yoga

    A fun class! Like the other comments said, it is like tribal dancing meets yoga meets mobility moves. You shake and move in ways you don’t normally get to so it releases a lot of built up tension in the body! They provide mats and I’d suggest the padded one or to wear knee pads cuz there’s a good amount of stuff on your knees. Also, lots of booty er BUTI shaking lol
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    Welcome to The Bridge Mind Body Movement. While the 6th and 7th street bridges are…