• CompleteBody
    Strength Training, Yoga, …


    10 Hanover Square, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Booty Pump

    It ended up being a one on one class since no one else booked. She kicked my butt, it was awesome. She gives great corrections and isn’t afraid to repeat herself to make sure you don’t slip back into bad habits. Really great experience.
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    CompleteBody offers the best in Group classes whether your looking for HIIT programs…
  •  Jazzercise NYC

    Jazzercise NYC

    26 Broadway 3rd floor, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Dance Mixx

    Fun, active workout. Nonstop moving. Instructor had really good energy. If you are looking for a fun workout and a break from high intensity classes this is great. First half of the class is dance & movement. Second is some ab and arm work.
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    Are you ready for the ultimate confidence infusion? Channel your inner pop diva in…
  • Luna Performing Arts

    Luna Performing Arts

    51 Murray Street, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Open Heels

    Thanks Carlos for everything ! Your are amazing ! Good and positive energy thanks a lot ! See u in Paris 🙏🏽😇
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    Luna Performing Arts is downtown Manhattan’s newest performing arts center! Launched…