NEW MEXICO RIDE (Studio, Back Rows) at VirtuRide®

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by VirtuRide® and were last updated on 3/29/21.

Temperature checks

VirtuRide® is the ONLY STUDIO with front desk staff that checks all Riders at the door, separately, for their Temperature AND SPO2 Oxygen Saturation level, to make sure they have low chance of a Covid19 infection.

Social distancing measures

Due to the closings of other cycling studios, the upcoming of vaccinations and increased demand, VirtuRide® just purchased brand new SCHWINN bikes to enable total of 30 Riders in the back rows (out in the open space) and 10 bikes in the front row, creating more space for their 'In-Studio' Rides!

Ventilation system

VirtuRide® has fans on the bikes which blows the air away and out of the room through the open bay door and by that creates a strong ventilation from inside the room out, which decreases the chance of covid19 infection in other spin studios where the air stands in the room!

Mask-wearing policies

VirtuRide® asks that you wear a mask while entering their studio and while walking around the studio. Once the Ride starts, it is up to you to decide whether to keep the mask on or take it off as their classes are super intense and you may experience difficulty doing a class with a mask on.

Thu, Apr 15
There are no classes Today, Apr 15.
Saturday, April 17
60 min

Omer Cohen


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