RResistance at Revel Cycle

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Revel Cycle and were last updated on 8/8/22.

Vaccination policies

Fully vaxxed clients are invited to ride with us from 16th August 2021 on. Kindly show us your vaccination status on your vaccination card, or on TraceTogether and HealthHub apps at check in. We regret to inform you that unvaccinated clients will be respectfully turned away at the reception.

Mask-wearing policies

Please wear your mask at the studio and only remove them during class.

Ventilation system

Ventilation and air-filtration system is in place to ensure the air is clean.

Extra sanitation

Revel is SGClean certified. All equipment and high-touch areas are sanitised in between classes.

Fri, Feb 3
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