Open Gym at O.M.Gym Fitness

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by O.M.Gym Fitness and were last updated on 7/9/20.

Temperature checks

Upon ringing the bell, our staff will guide you through our new procedures, sign in via both Safe-Entry and our sign in sheet, followed by temperature check.

Social distancing measures

You are required to put on your mask upon entry, and only take off when conducting strenuous activities. There are 5 Zones for you to conduct your workout, each Zone will allow a maximum capacity of 2 users, except for 'Zone 3'.You are required to maintain a minimum of 2-metre away from all users.

Mask-wearing policies

Mask is to be worn at all times, except when conducting strenuous activities. Mask is to be worn again when user is resting.

Limited capacity

Maximum Gym capacity is 10 gym users excluding staff. Each gym usage is no more than 1-hour. Should it exceed, our staff will remind you to keep all used equipment and to leave the premises immediately.

Thu, Apr 15
There are no upcoming “Open Gym” classes on this day.


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