Spin&Core - 45minSpin/30minYoga at HotShop

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by HotShop and were last updated on 11/2/22.

Vaccination policies

Must show proof of vaccination, medical exemption or a negative test.

Mask-wearing policies

We do require masks to enter the studio and in all areas. Masks can be removed once you have reached your spot in the yoga or spin room. They must be put back on to exit the studio rooms and remain on until you are outside!

Ventilation system

We have a state of the art HVAC forced air ventilation system.

Extra sanitation

All high touch surfaces are being disinfected regularly, AHS approved disinfectant being used on all surfaces. Extra time between classes has been scheduled to ensure all surfaces including yoga room floor are properly disinfected. Electrostatic disinfecting.

Tue, Sep 26
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