6 Fitness Athleisure Trends For Spring

Workout wear has become such a staple in all of our closets, they had to create a new term for it. Athleisure is our fitness gear/running errands clothing, and might even be appropriate workwear for some. Athleisure is so mainstream now that it has its own trends to follow, and sections in magazines dedicated to said trends.

As if it’s not hard enough deciphering regular fashion trends, now we have a whole other set of trends to follow. To help weed through all the information out there, fitness coach and blogger Nadia Murdock has provided a list of fabulous fitness clothing that will be all the rage this spring. From really cool technology to the relaxed vibes of joggers, Murdock shows us the 6 fitness fads we’ll need in our closets this season.  

Recovery Technology

If you give it your all every time you show up to class, you might be in need of some compression recovery tights in your fitness wardrobe. Fabric that offers compression and support helps your blood flow post-workout, which can alleviate muscle soreness and possibly help prevent future injuries. “For those that are serious about their workouts, they know how important recovery is in order to achieve a balanced workout,” Murdock says. “From compression, to fabrics that offer additional support for your muscles, investing in pieces that can help you perform better and derail injury is worth the cost,” she adds.
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A High Waistband

Sometimes mainstream fashion trends spill right over into the athleisure world. A high waistband looks effortlessly chic whether it’s on a pair of jeans or a pair of yoga pants. This is the perfect pant to wear to your workout and then out to brunch after. The best part about a high waistband is that it’s functional. “This trend allows women to get moving without feeling over-exposed and concentrate fully on the workout,” Murdock says. “No need to tug and pull down your shirt during burpees with these pants!”
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Statement Patterns

You probably have a plethora of black and grey workout pants in your fitness closet already. Maybe there’s even some blue tones, but do you have a fun statement pattern on hand? “Black pants are always great to have handy but the trend of bold and fun patterns isn’t going anywhere,” Murdock explains. “Not only can you express your personality through these looks, but they also add a great sense of workout motivation”.
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Jogger pants used to be much more about comfort than about fashion. The pants that are in vogue these days are very different than the joggers of yore. “The cut of these pants hugs in the right places, avoiding a sloppy look or making you look bigger than you are,” Murdock explains. The latest joggers tend to be skinny from the knee to the ankle, slim through the thigh area, and then a flattering flat waist, rather than the older look of baggy all the way down to the ankle. “This can be paired with anything from a cut-off tee to a hoodie sweatshirt,” Murdock says.
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Message Tees

Message tees come in all shapes and sizes, from the over-sized to the cropped or tank versions. “With message tees, there is an option for whatever mood you may be in!” Murdock exclaims. “Not only can these be worn for your workout, but they work great from transitioning your look outside the gym as well” she adds. Feel free to spread the love of your message tee from your yoga class to brunch after. “Added bonus: they will inspire you and your fellow gym goers!” Murdock says.  
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Sheer Panels

Sheer panels in your workout cloths are the perfect example of when form meets function. Not only will sheer panels provide a cool breeze during your workout, they look super chic outside of class. “What a perfect way to show some skin and add a bit of flirty detail to your workout look without looking ‘scandalous’,” Murdock says “You can choose how daring you want to be with the placement of sheer panels”. This is a trend that will definitely show off your cool fashion sensibilities inside or outside of your fitness classes.
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