5 Reasons To Get Moving with ClassPass

With a career, family and relationships to balance, health often takes a backseat and we stop making time to do what we love – ClassPass is changing that. We’ll give you access to group fitness classes in your neighborhood so that you can find what moves you – whether that’s yoga, Pilates, cycling or barre!

Here’s what you need to know to get moving with ClassPass:

Access to Group Fitness Classes

ClassPass is all about options and variety. Access thousands of group fitness classes in 90+ cities around the world – that’s more than 9,000 fitness studios and gyms to choose from (!!). ClassPass lets you work out how, when and where you want to, with easy booking via our mobile app. Plan your class schedule up to a week in advance or sign up last minute – you choose your workouts wherever and whenever you please. 

Work Out at 9,000+ Group Fitness Studios & Gyms

With access to fitness classes across 9,000+ studios and gyms, there’s always a class for you on ClassPass. Take boxing in the morning and dance tomorrow night, or cycling at lunch and Pilates this weekend – the amount of workouts you fit in is up to you. Visit one fitness studio or gym up to three times a month, because with so many options you’ll never need help finding a class or new favorite way to move.

Discover New Ways to Move

Chances are, you’re used to doing one kind of exercise…and that’s it. With ClassPass, it’s not only the amount of classes you can take but the variety of workouts that are available to you. From yoga to rowing, strength training to barre, the possibilities truly are endless. Explore classes, try new things and discover new passions. ClassPass is sure to get you – and keep you – out of that fitness rut. What are you waiting for?

Take Fitness Classes in Over 90 Cities Around the World

ClassPass gets you access to a global network of group fitness studios and gyms, in over 90 cities and 18 countries around the world.  Are you always traveling for business or just have a severe case of wanderlust? When you’re never in the same place, it’s nearly impossible to make one gym or studio worth the money. Don’t worry – ClassPass was made for you! Book classes in any of the 90+ cities where ClassPass is offered, so when you’re in New York one day and London the next, you always have a workout waiting for you when you land.

Create a Personalized Flexible Schedule

No two people are alike and neither are their schedules. ClassPass is the ultimate flexible schedule: with our mobile app you can book the classes you want, wherever you are, whenever you have time. It’s the fitness routine made for you…by you! Studies show that variety is more beneficial to your health then sticking to the same old thing. So, say bye-bye boredom and hello to a routine you actually like.

The best fitness studios, classes, and experiences are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, all with one membership. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram!