5 Reasons To Sign Up For A Lunchtime Class Today

It’s getting warmer, so naturally that means your social calendar is buzzing with happy hour dates and outdoor concerts (Right?). If you’re getting overwhelmed thinking about how you’re going to stay in shape over the summer with your calendar filling up, allow us to introduce you to the beauty of sneaking out midday for a lunchtime class (along with recommendations in every city):

Sleeping in is better than not sleeping in
We’re looking at you, morning workout fiends. We have mad respect for that jolt of energy you get by kick starting your day at a studio, but let’s be real. The sleep benefits of snoozing through your a.m. class are going to help you be just as productive in that 9:00 a.m. brainstorming meeting.

And your happy hour game will be so strong
Need we point out that not going straight from the office to the studio means you can go directly from the office to drinks with your friends? Goodbye 7:30 p.m. class. Hello summer socializing.

You’ll be more productive at work
Studies have found over and over again that exercise can boost your memory and cognitive function, but even more interesting are the studies that have found that exercise boosts your creative and productivity in the workplace. Squeezing in a quick sweat sesh will improve your overall performance, and we bet your boss will notice. 

It’s way more fun than eating at your desk
Seriously, shoveling down a salad while scrolling through Facebook for 30 minutes in the middle of the day isn’t doing you any favors, but upping your heart rate and toning those arms definitely will.

It’s amazing out there
Ever throw a little accidental side-eye at the people who seem to have perfected the park workout? Join them! Find an outdoor class that meets in the park, pack some shades and enjoy the fresh air while your coworkers are stuck inside.

So many options!
Though there are even more than these, see some picks in every city for a lunchtime sweat sesh:

Blast Full Body
Gravity Perform Lunch Crunch
Pink Barre Buckhead Classic

MOD Fitness Barre 
Pure Pilates Pure Sculpt 
Dancers Shape Graceful Beg Barre

Reflex Fitness Boxing Plus
Pop Physique Pop Sculpt Express
Sid Yoga Towson Sid Yoga Hour of Power

Studio U Barre
The Studio Empower 45-Minute Total Body Workout
Charlestown Yoga Vinyasa Flow

Studio 51Fifty Dogo Dance
Fit Bye Pharr Bootcamp
IM=X Pilates Charlotte Hybrid Reformer & Mat

Lateral Fitness
Atlas Performance 
Flow Studios Lincoln Park

Dallas/Fort Worth
Title Boxing Uptown
Pilates Methodology The Mechanic
Pilates in Mind Equipment

One Pilates Studio
Beat Cycle Boulder

Aerial Yoga Basics
Glory Fitness Hip-Hop Spin Bootcamp
Centre Fitness Fusion StrengthFusion

Kansas City
Fit Formula Vinyasa Yoga
Fustion Fitness Corbin Park Hustle HIIT
Studio 7 Barre + Pilates Barre7

Las Vegas
Bikram Yoga Las Vegas
Inferno Hot Pilates
Dethrone Basecamp

Frame Quickiecardio Kettlebells
Cyclebeat London
Project Fit London

Los Angeles
The Bar Method Mixed 
Pilates Plus 40-Minute Full-Body Workout
FlyWheel Fly-45
Dragonfly Cycling DFly Ride

The Bar Method Level 1 Bar Basics
I Am Equilibrium Vinyasa Yoga
360 Energy in Motion Spin & IT

Modo Yoga
CycleQuest Lunch Hour 60-Minute Cycle

BarreAmped Express Music Row
Results Fitness Twelve Twelve Triple Threat
Quest Fit Quest60

New York
Variant Fitness Power Lunch
As One Expresso
Atmananda Yoga Lunch Express

Orange County
The12 Irvine – Push
RA Yoga Lunchtime Yoga

Elevate Yoga Center Hatha
Bill Bennett Bootcamp
Pure Barre

PB3 Lunch Barre
Weston Fitness

Ride Cycle Express Ride
Cat Tilt Studio
Burn Athletic

Savage Life Fitness
The Academy
The Dailey Method Downtown Sacramento 

San Diego
Happy U Yoga
Grotto Climbing Gym
TITLE Boxing

San Francisco
Mint Studios Booty Barre
Ritual Yoga All Levels
Burn Total Body Burn

St. Louis
Urban Breath Yoga Maplewood Yoga Lunch
TITLE Boxing
Sweat St. Louis 

Yogani Studios Hot Flow
Bayshore Fit Lunch Crunch
Chi Yoga Restorative 

Agada Yoga Flow
Toronto Fit Body Bootcamp
MisFit Studio Fusion 

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary 
Cyklus Vancouver 
Stretch Studio

Washington, D.C.
Epic Yoga DC Lunch Power Hour
Cycle Scene Performance 45



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