• WillyB CrossFit
    Strength Training

    WillyB CrossFit

    285 Grand Street, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Functional Fitness

    J.P. was welcoming and helpful. I found the space intimate but spacious enough for everyone to have their own space. I got a really good workout and J.P. was great at demonstrating and assisting when needed. I will definitely be returning!
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    WillyB CrossFit is a complete fitness facility designed and equipped to produce effective…
  • Bodied Fitness Club
    Strength Training, Running

    Bodied Fitness Club

    164 West 25th Street 2nd Floor, New York
    Safety guidelines


    For someone who doesn’t do enough cardio, this class was challenging! But won’t worry, the environment was very encouraging and not intimidating! Our instructor Nic gave really clear instructions and pointers on form, which I really appreciated.
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    We are the premier women owned and queer run strength and conditioning facility in…
  • Union City Crossfit
    Strength Training

    Union City Crossfit

    529 3rd Street, Union City
    Safety guidelines
    They are raising more than the bar. Their gym is located at 529 3rd Street in Union…
  • CrossFit NYC
    Strength Training

    CrossFit NYC

    50 West 28th St, 2nd Floor, New York

    Black Box Hyrox (HIIT, Strength)

    It was my first time doing this kind of intensive workout . Jim was so helpful and always guided me during the session . Thank you Jim!
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    CrossFit NYC was the first CrossFit affiliate in New York City (2005).We currently…
  • Brazen Athletics
    Strength Training

    Brazen Athletics

    1317 Willow Ave, Hoboken

    Workout of the Day - CrossFit

    I was bit intimated to come add I’ve never done CrossFit but read many people come who’ve never done it so gave me the confidence to try it out and was happy I did! I was actually going to do a kettle bell class in the am but sure happy I didn’t. The format was centered around that and was very happy I was able to do that with a combination with the rower. It was a gregs workout and she made adjustments menus for me for being my first time. Great midday workout and I would definitely recommend and come back!
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    We are in the business of changing lives and creating a life-long habit of achievement…

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