5 Fitness Retreats to Get You Through Whatever You’re Dealing With

This article was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that members in many countries are currently staying close to home, and we look forward to helping people to workout and enjoy wellness experiences around the world once they feel safe and comfortable to resume travel.

We can’t always eat, pray and love our way through life’s challenges – but fitness can almost always help to clear your head and blow off some steam. That being said,  while we’ve all known someone whose life was changed by a yoga retreat, sometimes it’s not zen you’re seeing so much as a zap of the unfamiliar to get you back on track. No matter what you’re going through—a breakup, depression, your 30th birthday—here’s the best fitness retreat for you:

To turn over a new leaf

At Amansala’s 6-day full body detox on the beautiful beaches of Tulum, Mexico, daily yoga and meditation are par for the course, but this retreat is so much more. With dairy-free and gluten-free dining options, nutrition consultations, gentle walks on the beach, intense body sculpting classes (you haven’t lived until you’ve used a coconut as a medicine ball!) and excursions to pristine local swimming spots and ancient ruin, your mind and body will be fully occupied and focused on YOU. It’s exactly what you need post-breakup.

To travel alone

The all-girl vibe at the Las Olas Surf Camp is like the camp you wish you could still escape to every summer, with the added bonus of returning you home with ripped abs and perfectly tousled hair. Run by a crew of veteran surfer girls, the beachfront villa is close to gentle, warm-water breaks that are the perfect place to learn to surf. And if you’re craving a little more socializing, don’t worry—you’re expected to eat out and explore the surrounding town and get to know the local surf community. We bet you’ll hardly remember your first-day jitters by the end.

To recover from a breakup

Need to hack your mind as much as your body? This retreat, specifically designed to help rewire your brain after a breakup, uses group therapy, hypnosis and gentle exercise to coax you out of your post-breakup slump and back into the real world. Held in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, it’s a weekend-long retreat held in a beautiful historic home you’ll like a lot better than the Heartbreak Hotel.

To get fit with your girls

Remember when you were little and all you needed in the world was your best friend and a pony? The Cowgirl Spring Roundup at Paws Up in Montana is literally all that, plus some cowboys in broken-in Wranglers. You’ll learn to rope, ride and relax in their luxury cabins once the day is done, and you’ll discover muscles you didn’t even know you had in your thighs in the process!

To really, really get away from it all

It’s hard to get much farther away from the everyday than the eastern edge of Australia, and at Queensland’s beloved Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, you’ll be able to leave all your bad habits behind for good. With a special focus on liver function, the diet-focused program is designed to support you in every way as you detox, including spa treatments, qi gong classes, all-organic meals and seminars to help you truly understand your body’s needs. Of course, if you didn’t fly all that way for just a week, custom programs are available to address any of your health and fitness goals. Or simply take advantage of the rural bushland setting to explore acres of wild land; test out boxing, dance, swim and cycling classes; and enjoy the lush woodland spa.

Laura began her career as a travel writer, but too many dumplings and hours on the road led her to adding fitness classes to keep fit and see a different side of the local experience. From Barrecore in London to Sweat Garage in LA, she takes advantage of all ClassPass has to offer. She's based in New York City, which is always her favorite place to explore.