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Cupping therapy

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What is cupping? How does cupping work?

Cupping, also known as cupping therapy, is an ancient Eastern medicinal therapy that helps treat muscle pain and ailments through suctioning a cup to the skin. In most cases, it is accompanied by massage or acupuncture for further relief, but overall acts as a reverse form of massage. During a cupping therapy session, the cups are glided across different areas to lift and separate tissue. It enhances the release of the interfaces between the neural tissues, fascia, skin, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

What does cupping do?

Massage therapists or physical therapists may sometimes use cupping as a technique of tissue distraction release. It can reduce chronic neck pain, low back pain, fibromyalgia, relax muscles, release trigger points, improve lymphatic flow, increase local circulation and release scar tissue adhesion.

Cupping therapy benefits

Cupping can boost skin health, help with respiratory issues and improve digestion. It’s been used to speed up recovery from the flu and common colds by improving immunity, and reduces symptoms from disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
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Different types of cupping

Cupping therapy comes in a few different forms: wet cupping (which combines suction and controlled bleeding), dry cupping (which uses suction only) and massage cupping (where oil is applied to skin prior to suction).

What is facial cupping?

Facial cupping is just like traditional cupping, but the cups are applied to your face. Facial cupping has many benefits such as pain and tension relief, reduced TMJ symptoms and healthier skin.

How much does cupping therapy cost?

A single cupping therapy session will cost between $50 and $100, depending on the length of the session and your location.

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