YYOGA - Downtown Flow

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by YYOGA - Downtown Flow and were last updated on 10/25/21.

Vaccination policies

All guests are required to provide proof of full vaccination (2 doses) & government issued ID during sign in. Check YYOGA's FAQ page: https://yyoga.ca/bc/faqs/ for details.

Mask-wearing policies

Please keep your mask on at all times while in the studio, except once you arrive at your mat for practice. Wear it again as you exit.Public health guidelines require that masks are worn in public indoor settings for all people 5 and older.

Social distancing measures

Floor markers are in place. Please ensure you give your fellow yogis space while in the studio, and keep to the right when walking down hallways.

Extra sanitation

High touch areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned using a hospital grade disinfectant that is known to kill viruses.


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Thu, Jan 27
Today, Jan 27
60 min

Sasha Smith
60 min

Jayme Burke
60 min

Sasha Smith
60 min

Jayme Burke
Tomorrow, Jan 28
60 min

Lauren Keast
60 min

Aili Storen
60 min

Sasha Smith
60 min

Julie Laforce
75 min

Jasmina Egeler
60 min

Sasha Smith
60 min

Sandra Stephanson
60 min

Sasha Smith

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