Yoga Heights - Georgia Ave

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Yoga Heights and were last updated on 9/3/20.

Temperature checks

Contactless health screening upon entering studio including temperature checks; a temperature of 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever and the student will not be allowed to take class.

Social distancing measures

Tape is marked in studio. When you arrive, students are assigned a number which indicates which cubby you can use as well as your spot in the studio.

Mask-wearing policies

Students must wear masks when practicing in our Takoma Park studio (255 Carroll Street NW). If you are taking an outdoor class, you must wear mask until you are on your mat and you are free to take it off.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size is 8. Maximum number of bodies in the studio (and lobby) is 10.

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Sat, May 15
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Tomorrow, May 16
60 min

Lauren Scott (She/Her)
60 min

Sam Walker
Tuesday, May 18
45 min

Natalie Weinstein (She/Her)
45 min

Jessica Gruber (She/Her)
60 min

Angela Meyer (She/Her)
60 min

Jess Pierno (She/Her)
Wednesday, May 19
60 min

Isabel Varnado
30 min

Bretton Keating (She/Her)
60 min

Casey Dawes (They/She)
60 min

Angelique Raptakis (She/Her)
Thursday, May 20
60 min

Natalie Weinstein (She/Her)
45 min

Kasia Sobieraj (She/Her)


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