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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Xtend Barre and were last updated on 8/3/21.

Vaccination policies

Some classes are noted as "Mask Required or proof of vaccination". If you are vaccinated and would like to attend class without wearing a mask, please email a copy of your vaccination card to the front desk at arlington@xtendbarre.com

Mask-wearing policies

If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask entering the studio. If you are not, we kindly ask that you keep your mask on at all times while in the studio, including class.

Ventilation system

We utilize the AtmosAir Bipolar Air Ionization System that continuously works to clean and disinfect the air and surfaces in our entire studio.

Extra sanitation

You will find extra hand sanitization stations around the studio for your use. We also encourage hand washing before and after class.

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Tue, Jan 25
Today, Jan 25
55 min

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Courtney Thompson
Tomorrow, Jan 26
55 min

Kelly Wilkinson
55 min

Kelly Wilkinson
55 min

Alissa Clees
55 min

Sara Schwarz
55 min

Dana Wilson
55 min

Abby Sevcik
55 min

Renée Revetta Rouse
Thursday, January 27
55 min

Courtney Thompson
55 min

Michelle Muntifering

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