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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by TruFusion and were last updated on 10/6/20.

Mask-wearing policies

Mask are to be worn in all common areas. In class you can choose between wearing a mask, a face shield, or both. The instructor will tell when it’s appropriate to switch from mask to a face shield if you choose to use one.

Social distancing measures

All classes are social distanced with floor markers to indicate where to place your mat.

Ventilation system

We have 35+ hospital grade air purifiers, UV disinfection system installed in all air ducts, and all dampers open to pull in the maximin amount of fresh air.

Extra sanitation

All equipment is sanitized by our electrostatic sprayers after each use. All high touch areas are covered with Pure Zone antimicrobial taps to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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Mon, Jan 24
There are no reservations available Today, Jan 24.
Tomorrow, Jan 25
60 min

Miguel Romero
45 min

Cortney Conrado
45 min

Elese Rose
45 min

Miguel Romero
60 min

Miguel Romero
Wednesday, January 26
45 min

Erin Leary
60 min

Raquel Orozco
60 min

Francesca Budesheim
45 min

Cortney Conrado
30 min

Bailey Post
45 min

Veronica Merrick
60 min

Michele Phillips

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