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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The CryoBar and were last updated on 9/13/21.

Mask-wearing policies

As always, all treatment apparel are washed in between clients. In addition, we are providing an additional pair of gloves to be worn before putting on mittens. We are completely sanitizing every dressing room in between clients, as well as sanitizing all high touch areas hourly (at minimum).

Social distancing measures

Employees and clients are required to wear a mask while clients are in the facility. The only time a client may not wear a mask is during a Cryo-Toning Facial, but one must be worn entering/exiting room. If a client doesn't bring a mask, a disposable mask will be available depending on stock.

Extra sanitation

All employees and clients should remain six feet apart whenever possible. To aid in this, we have removed some chairs in our waiting area to create more distance, and encourage clients to stay in their dressing room if there are other clients in the facility as well.

Limited capacity

We are limiting capacity to 10 people in each store. There will be one employee per shift to reduce exposures as well. Clients may not bring more than 1 additional guest not receiving a service.


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