Restore 353 Therapies

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Restore 353 Therapies and were last updated on 8/31/21.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks required for attendees and staff members

Extra sanitation

We use UV light and hospital grade cleaners in all areas. All rooms are sanitized between sessions.

Limited capacity

All sessions are one-to-one, private rooms, with a maximum capacity of 3 attendees total at one time in the facility

Temperature checks

All attendees and staff members temperature and oxygen saturation levels checked upon arrival


Pilates Jumpboard Cardio

Pilates: core stabilizing

pilates leg circles HD 1080p

Pilates one to one HD 1080p

Pilates:reverse crunches


Wed, Jan 26
There are no reservations available Today, Jan 26.
Friday, January 28
60 min

60 min

60 min

Monday, January 31
60 min

60 min

60 min

Tuesday, February 1
60 min

60 min

60 min

60 min

60 min

60 min

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