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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by PureFire Yoga and were last updated on 7/16/21.

Social distancing measures

All classes must be reserved in advance to limit studio and class capacity, there are no walk-ins at this time. Mat markers will be placed inside the practice studios to guide your mat placement and ensure least 6 feet of space between you and your fellow yogis.

Extra sanitation

We sanitize all studio surfaces with approved disinfectants. Our team will also thoroughly disinfect the front desk and lobby area.

Limited capacity

Class capacity will be limited and mat markers will be in place to ensure students have the recommended 6 feet of space on all sides of your mat.

Contactless check-in

You will check yourself in using your MindBody app and teachers will only use verbal assists in class. Please bring your own mat, props, towel, and water.

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Tue, Jan 18
There are no reservations available Today, Jan 18.
Tomorrow, Jan 19
50 min

Marcus Lee
60 min

Alexis Raymond
Thursday, January 20
60 min

Cloe Buzan
Friday, January 21
50 min

Ken Dean
60 min

Ken Dean
50 min

Stephanie Meni
60 min

Stephanie Meni
Saturday, January 22
60 min

Marcus Lee
75 min

Stephanie Meni
Sunday, January 23
60 min

Tracy Simmons
Monday, January 24
60 min

Stephanie Meni
60 min

Troy Hanford

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