Pilates ProWorks - South Lake Union

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Pilates ProWorks and were last updated on 9/10/20.

Temperature checks

We’re required to check our staff’s temp before each class, so we’ll take your’s too. No-contact, no worries.

Social distancing measures

We’ve rearranged the studio so there are just 5 client-machines in use. Each machine has its own 6-foot bubble. Instructors will stay out of your bubble, in the instructor-only area. And for now, they won’t do any hands-on adjustments.

Extra sanitation

After each session, machines and high-touch areas are cleaned using EPA-certified cleaning products. But if you want to be extra safe, you’re welcome to grab one of our EPA-certified wipes from the dispenser to clean your machine before your session starts.

Mask-wearing policies

Our staff is required by WA State to wear masks when they’re working. Period. So we’ve decided to put staff and client safety above comfort by requiring all clients to wear masks. If you fall into one of the categories *not* advised to follow the King County directive, please let us know!


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