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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Mind the Mat Pilates and Yoga and were last updated on 8/13/21.

Vaccination policies

Proof of vaccine is required to attend "vaccine required" classes. Send documentation of vaccine verification to info@mindthemat.com. Pre approval required. Masks can be removed during class, however one is required in common areas and while moving around the studio.

Mask-wearing policies

Those who are fully vaccinated can opt to remove their mask during class. A mask is required until class begins and immediately after class ends. Those who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask at all times. Email vaccine verification to info@mindthemat.com prior to class.

Ventilation system

Windows and doors are kept open to maximize air flow. Each studio is equipped with a ventilation system, air purifiers and fans.

Extra sanitation

Studios are disinfected with a medical grade disinfectant frequently. Please remove your shoes before entering and place all belongs in cubbies inside the studio. Hand sanitizer is provided at the studio, but please bring your own personal supply for easy access.

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Tue, Jan 25
Today, Jan 25
60 min

Ciara Petry PT, DPT
60 min

Brittnie Chidsey
60 min

David Nguyen
60 min

Brittnie Chidsey
Tomorrow, Jan 26
60 min

Hannah Wojszynski
60 min

Danielle Viola
45 min

Lyndsey Smith
60 min

Georgia Gerstein
60 min

Kevin C.
Thursday, January 27
60 min

Ciara Petry PT, DPT
60 min

Katie Wannen
Friday, January 28
60 min

Amanda O'Connor

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