Inye Yoga

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Inye Yoga and were last updated on 7/24/20.

Social distancing measures

Class size is reduced to allow for generous social distancing within the large yoga room. There are floor markers for mat placements. Minimize conversation before & after class within the studio space. If you like to catch up, please utilize the outdoor space.

Mask-wearing policies

Wearing Mask is mandatory upon entering the studio. Grab a tissue paper from the reception desk, and keep the mask on until settled on the designated mat space in the practice room. Only then remove the mask and place it on the tissue paper beside your mat, and minimize conversation.

Limited capacity

Class size is limited to 15 students with generous social distancing space.

Limited amenity access

Change room is available, with colour coded locker spaces. Please pay attention upon checking in with our receptionist, for the assigned locker colour for the class. Please note: Shower stalls will not be available at this time.

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Fri, May 14
There are no classes Today, May 14.
Tomorrow, May 15
60 min

Eddee Huang
60 min

Eddee Huang
60 min

Kelsey Drha
60 min

Andrea Merkley
Sunday, May 16
60 min

Tammy Goldlust
60 min

Beata Vincent
60 min

Trish Dingman
60 min

Abeer Cassandra Rahman
60 min

Chris McComb
60 min

Kelsey Drha
Monday, May 17
60 min

Joanne Taylor
60 min

Cynthia Cooperstone


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