IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by IKKYU: Corrective Massage Therapy and were last updated on 4/28/22.

Vaccination policies

Therapist is fully vaccinated.

Mask-wearing policies

To maximise our mutual safety, it is encouraged to bring in your own face mask to wear upon your visit. Not compulsory to wear during treatment.

Social distancing measures

Spacious treatment room can surely accommodate our client and therapist in a very safe and healthy environment.

Ventilation system

Air purifier & aromatherapy diffuser are frequently used to maintain the air quality of the room. Frequent ventilation of the room is conducted by opening up the windows and doors during a day.


Neck, Shoulder and Lower back pain? Quick, Easy, and Effective Chest Stretch!

Neck, Shoulder and Lower back pain? 1 minute Arm Stretch!!!

Stretch for tight CALF Muscles!

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Neck pain? Then, let's look at "Posture"!


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