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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by HotShop and were last updated on 8/24/20.

Temperature checks

Temperature Checks are required upon entrance to the studio. This is mandatory for entry!

Social distancing measures

Please be mindful of social distancing within the studios. There are markers in place for your yoga mat to ensure proper distancing. Check in will be managed by a staff member to ensure distancing within the halls.

Mask-wearing policies

We do require masks to enter the studio and in all areas. Masks can be removed once you have reached your spot in the yoga or spin room. They must be put back on to exit the studio rooms and remain on until you are outside!

Limited capacity

Our classes are currently running at 1/3rd capacity and have been measured and distanced according to AHS guidelines. Please do not move any bikes and remain within the spot guides in the yoga room!

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Sun, Apr 18
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60 min

Mike Tran
60 min

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50 min

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Caitlin Smith
60 min

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45 min

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45 min

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60 min

Stephanie Koo
Tuesday, April 20
60 min

Caitlin Smith


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