Haven Yoga Studio PTY Ltd

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Haven Yoga Studio PTY Ltd and were last updated on 6/25/20.

Social distancing measures

Floor markings and teachers will help guide you to your space.

Extra sanitation

All high touch surfaces will be cleaned after each class. Hand sanitiser is required prior to and at the end of each class. No shared mats, bolsters, straps or blocks at this time. Please bring your own. Socks to be worn when walking in Studio, thank you.

Limited capacity

Maximum class sizes are in place, bookings are essential.

Contactless check-in

Our friendly teachers will check you in to each class on arrival.


Sun, Dec 5
Today, Dec 5
45 min

60 min

Tomorrow, Dec 6
60 min

60 min

Kate Vox
60 min

Hayley Weiner
60 min

Leah Cocciante
Tuesday, December 7
60 min

Zoe Burney
60 min

Charmaine Cowling
60 min

Charmaine Cowling
45 min

Charmaine Cowling
Wednesday, December 8
60 min

Miranda Irvine Brown
60 min

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