GB Active

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by GB Active and were last updated on 8/9/20.

Social distancing measures

an area will be marked out so social distancing can take place. The activities will also be done in groups of 6.

Contactless check-in

All our check-ins are done online

Limited capacity

Maximum size of the class can vary but can go up to 20. Within that 20 each person will be in a group 6 and 2 meters apart.

Equipment policies

No equipment will be shared and it will not come in contact with the instructor. The equipment will disinfected before and after each session.


Fri, Apr 23
There are no classes Today, Apr 23.
Monday, April 26
30 min

Tuesday, April 27
30 min

Wednesday, April 28
30 min

Monday, May 3
30 min

Tuesday, May 4
30 min

Wednesday, May 5
30 min


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