CycleBar - Mt. Pleasant

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by CycleBar and were last updated on 7/24/20.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are required to enter the studio and may be taken off when you arrive to your bike station. Masks must be worn immediately after class to exit the building.

Social distancing measures

We are encouraging social distancing while inside our studio, however we cannot guarantee that you will always be 6 feet apart from others when waiting in the lobby. Riders are welcome to wait outside the building to minimize contact with others.

Extra sanitation

All equipment and high touch point areas are sanitized before and after each class. The studio is deep cleaned in between each class and after the last class of the day.

Limited capacity

Each class is limited to 20 bikes, all spaced 6 feet apart.


Sat, Oct 16
There are no classes Today, Oct 16.
Tomorrow, Oct 17
45 min

Amanda Komisarow
45 min

Dominic Rivera
Monday, October 18
45 min

Sam Silliman
45 min

Katie Caroncino
45 min

Megan Frederick
45 min

Rachel Wall
Tuesday, October 19
45 min

Chelsey Wylder
45 min

Chelsey Wylder
45 min

Alissa Clayton
45 min

Taylor Carcella
Wednesday, October 20
45 min

Sam Silliman
45 min

Dominic Rivera

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