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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Crunch Gym and were last updated on 11/3/21.

Social distancing measures

Changes to facilitate social distancing have been implemented, including updated equipment spacing, separate check-in areas for guests & members. New signage is posted throughout the gym, highlighting our modified operating procedures and reminding members to maintain 6 feet of social distance.

Ventilation system

AirPHX (pronounced air-fix) unit in each location - uses a “cold plasma” chamber to generate clean air and kills harmful surface and airborne organisms (including coronavirus) organically and continuously. Installed new air filters that meet NYS standards (MERV 13) for air filtration.

Extra sanitation

Increasing cleaning frequency to wipe down & clean equipment and hard surfaces per CDC guidelines. Disinfectant wipe stations and additional alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been added throughout the gym. Purchased cordless electrostatic disinfectant sprayers for additional daily deep cleaning.

Equipment policies

Members must wipe down their equipment before and after use; we have provided additional sanitation supplies throughout the gym.


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