Bankside Fit Hub

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Bankside Fit Hub and were last updated on 8/10/21.

Ventilation system

We have a ventilation system running through the gym and in the studios

Extra sanitation

Deep cleans take place through the day, and extra sanitation stations have been put in place all over the gym

Limited capacity

We are still working back to opening classes up to full capacity, and are, for now, maintaining a limited capacity in classes.

Equipment policies

All equipment must be cleaned after use


Wed, Oct 20
Today, Oct 20
30 min

Kara Clare
30 min

Kara Clare
45 min

Paul Hara
45 min

Kara Clare
45 min

Renee Willis
30 min

Jack Perkins
30 min

Kevin Owusu
45 min

Nuno Miranda
30 min

Clayon Steward

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