Balance Arts Center

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Balance Arts Center and were last updated on 9/9/21.

Vaccination policies

The BAC will begin to follow the NYC State Mandate for Covid Vaccination Requirements on 9/13/21. Everyone entering the BAC space must have at least one dose of a FDA or WHO approved vaccine. Please reach out to with any questions, concerns, or for more information.

Mask-wearing policies

We will continue to enforce mask wearing, fully covering the mouth and nose during all in-person classes as well as in the BAC’s hallways and common areas. There are no exceptions. We appreciate your assistance in enforcing this policy.

Ventilation system

Each room is equipped with an air purifier that is to be running while the rooms are in use. When possible, please leave doors ajar and/or open windows to encourage air circulation.

Extra sanitation

BAC staff will disinfect door knobs, elevator buttons, and high touch surfaces routinely throughout the day. We are providing disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in each room.


Mon, Dec 6
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