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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Align Studio and were last updated on 9/1/21.

Vaccination policies

Only FULLY VACCINATED students will be allowed to join the classes.

Extra sanitation

Please sanitize your hands before entering the studio. Hand sanitizer will be available at the main door or reception desk.

Contactless check-in

Use Trace Together app or QR code pasted on the main door for self check-ins

Temperature checks

Please do temerature check before entering the class


Yin Yoga Gratitude

Vinyasa Flow - Arm Balances & Inversion

Tuck Handstand - A Short Practice & Tutorial

Stretch & Splits - Front Splits (Hanumanasana)

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Wed, Jan 26
There are no reservations available Today, Jan 26.
Tomorrow, Jan 27
60 min

Katie K.
60 min

Gajju B.
60 min

Young K.
60 min

Chrissy B.
60 min

Eunice L.
Friday, January 28
60 min

Gajju B.
60 min

Gajju B.
75 min

Sophia T
Saturday, January 29
60 min

Yan C.
60 min

Rubi C.
60 min

Nicole J
60 min

Chrissy B.

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