• barre3
    Barre, Outdoors


    1500 Sansom St, Philadelphia
    Safety guidelines


    I felt this class was a little too focused on thighs and not enough on abs and arms (had only one three minute song focused on abs). But the upside to barre3 is that the workout is different every time. I find the class to be really upbeat and a fun way to move my body
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    Barre3 is a full-body mindful workout that delivers remarkable results from the inside…
  • Ground Up Training
    Boxing, Outdoors

    Ground Up Training

    Hawthorne Park at 12th and Catharine St., Philadelphia
    Safety guidelines

    Virtual Workout - Core Blast

    Great online class! Only a mat needed. Thank you Guy!
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    Ground Up Training aims to help clients reach their goals by using exercise progressions…