• Nola Yoga Loft
    Livestream yoga, Yoga

    Nola Yoga Loft

    2042 Magazine St, New Orleans

    Virtual Flow & Restore

    Loved the class! In previous flow & restore classes here, the class was 1 rest. pose, then flow, then 1 rest. pose. I liked in this class we started with the flow and then at the end of class focused on rest. poses. Better layout of the class in my opinion!
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    Nola Yoga Loft is a boutique yoga studio and a special events space in the Lower…
  • Yes Yoga

    Yes Yoga

    8338 Oak St, New Orleans

    Hot Classic

    I LOVE Marquela’s classes!! She always gets me into deeper expressions of poses or into a pose for the first time. I like the way she prompts which is more authoritative because I don’t feel like she gives you the option to get inside your head and tell yourself that you can’t do something.
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    Yes, Yoga is one of the newest and hottest yoga studios in Uptown New Orleans. They…
  • NOLA Tribe Yoga

    NOLA Tribe Yoga

    405 Third St, New Orleans

    Tribe Yard Yoga

    Everyone is so welcoming at Tribe yoga! I will be back!
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    NOLA Tribe Yoga: recently named "The Most Approachable Yoga Company Since that Yoga…
  • Live Oak Yoga
    Low-credit livestreams, Yoga

    Live Oak Yoga

    6113 Magazine St, New Orleans

    Online Vinyasa Flow

    The selfish part of me doesn’t want everyone to know what a fantastic yoga teacher Zoe is, but then I think the nicest thing I could do is let you all know so you can take her class too. She’s the best. End of.
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    Live Oak Yoga is an inclusive studio that offers yoga for everybody. At Live Oak…
  • SATI Yoga Studio

    SATI Yoga Studio

    2521 Jena Street, New Orleans

    Kaiut Yoga Method - Online

    A great class! Loved Alessandra. She really knew how to adapt the class to different levels as well as making sure if you had any chronic pain or tension that she was aware of it and accommodated everyone.
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    SATI Yoga Studio offers the Kaiut Method, a form of yoga adapted to the concerns…
  • Maple Street Pilates Studio
    Yoga, Pilates

    Maple Street Pilates Studio

    7722 Maple Street, New Orleans

    MSPS 2-Multi-level Equipment

    Laura’s one of the most positive & friendly instructors I’ve ever had. Great energy and attention to form. Small class & good for all levels. Will be back!
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    Maple Street Pilates Studio is a boutique contemporary Pilates and Yoga studio that…
  • Balance Yoga Wellness

    Balance Yoga Wellness

    120 South Cortez Street, New Orleans

    Balance Basics

    AJ is an amazing teacher. He breaks down poses and explains the mechanics. I can do some poses better now than I have in the pat two years. I love to hear the yoga philosophy too.
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    In the heart of mid-city New Orleans, Balance is an urban oasis dedicated to the…
  • Jai Bhakti

    Jai Bhakti

    624 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans
    Jai Bhakti Yoga breaths hope, love, compassion and healing to those around them,…

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