• Black Swan Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Black Swan Yoga

    4534 West Gate Blvd, Austin
    Safety guidelines


    Awesome class for those who want to hit the ground running on the weekend. Difficult but manageable and rewarding. Josh has great energy, offers good modifications, and leads the class well. I will for sure be back 🤗
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    BLACK SWAN YOGA is a donation-based, 90-degree heated yoga studio. We are an approachable…
  • ToddPilates & Barre
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    ToddPilates & Barre

    4032 S Lamar Blvd, Suite 700, Austin
    Safety guidelines

    Pilates|Barre|Yoga Fusion (60 min)

    Very fun (but still challenging) class! The yoga part was a bit lacking for me as a frequent yogi but otherwise no complaints. This is the only barre class I've been to where actual ballet movement/terminology was used and it was a nice change of pace. This studio also tends to have more diversity (gender, age, body type, etc) than other pilates/barre studios, which makes for a welcoming environment!
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    Looking for an online class? Visit our Livestream Online venue page. There are 5…
  • Flow Yoga
    Yoga, Meditation

    Flow Yoga

    4477 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin
    Safety guidelines


    Enjoyable class. I loved the music, the yoga sequence, & the teacher had great energy as well. One thing to keep in mind: There were overhead fluorescent lights on. Ooooh, I did NOT like that at all. Hopefully that’s a one time thing and not during all evening classes.
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    Flow Yoga headed by two powerhouse immigrant women Carolina and Fennis and a team…
  • Tan Etc

    Tan Etc

    1701 West Ben White Boulevard, Unit 120, Austin

    Spray Tan (30 min)

    Staff by the name Danielle was very helpful and kind. Was extremely welcoming as it was my first time and gave me tips for maintaining tan.
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    At Tan Etc, they use different levels of state-of-the-art tanning beds to meet your…
  • iCRYO
    Cryotherapy, Sports recovery


    4211 South Lamar Boulevard, Suite B4, Austin

    Compression Therapy

    The best part is the staff! Everyone is very attentive and friendly. They go out of their way to ask about your day and are genuinely interested in holding a conversation with you! plus the amenities are plentiful!
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    At iCRYO South Austin, there are a range of recovery options to suit your needs and…
  • Corazon Latino Dance Studio
    Dance, Strength Training, …

    Corazon Latino Dance Studio

    4544 South Lamar , Ste. 200/300 , Austin
    Safety guidelines

    Booty Werk

    Azia is a fantastic dancer. It’s complex choreographer that is not really taught but come have fun, move, and pick up what you can. There’s no judgment. Some choreo and music was from Dance With Monica if you did that back at LifeTime in 2018ish. I’ll be back again and highly recommend. Great workout and feel great about your body and have fun! #classpassinsider
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    Corazon Latino Dance Studio is a studio that offers the community different programs…
  • FeV
    Gym Time


    2101 W Ben White Blvd #105, Austin
    Safety guidelines

    Open Gym

    Great free weights gym with plenty of space and plenty of time (2 hours) to exercise however you want. Staff are really nice. Love this place and get an excellent workout every time! #classpassinsider
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    Their goal is to "Lift Austin" by creating the ultimate free weight experience, creating…
  • Lotus Healing Acupuncture
    Acupuncture, Meditation

    Lotus Healing Acupuncture

    3204 Bruce Dr, Austin
    Safety guidelines

    Power of Three (Sound healing, Acupuncture and Reiki)

    SUCH a divine experience!! Could not recommend this more. The studio is in their home in a separated room with a massage table set up. There are three very powerful healers working together at once. I had a truly divine experience with one woman giving me acupuncture as another woman gave reiki, while a man performed sound healing from the other room. It was a wildly magical encounter & I got everything I needed from this experience. They lined up crystals on my body and just offered up a full experience of divine healing energy. The session flowed beautifully and was never too much for me. It was just divine. I totally recommend if you are really needing some loving energy
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    Lotus Healing Acupuncture is a home office with two individual treatment rooms and…
  • Dance with Monica
    Dance, Outdoors, …

    Dance with Monica

    4544 S Lamar Blvd, #200/#300, Austin

    Dance Party Fitness

    I really enjoyed this class! At first it was a bit intimidating because she doesn’t give any verbal cues, but after a while I just gave up on trying to do the moves perfectly (or even well) and enjoyed the experience. I was a sweaty mess at the end. It was great. . . It’s a challenging class, but as a beginner I still had fun!
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    Monica Garcia-Landois has been teaching Group Fitness since August 2010 and loves…
  • Balanced Bodies
    Strength Training, Sports recovery

    Balanced Bodies

    4419 Frontier Trail, Suite 105, Austin

    Myofascial Stretching & Eldoa class

    I was a little skeptical at first, but this class will be great if you have any type of injury or spinal problem. The instructor is very intuitive. The stretches really get in there deep, and you don't even realize how hard you're working until the end. I'll be back to try it again!
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    If you are looking to eliminate pain, increase strength, and gain mobility, Balanced…
  • Go Dance
    Dance, Barre

    Go Dance

    4477 South Lamar, Boulevard #530, Austin

    Swing 1

    Maira was absolutely fantastic. Instruction was clear & I was able to learn quickly. We practiced in front of music with rotating partners both to counted steps & to music. When the class ended, she gave an opportunity for us to record the steps so we could practice at home. She even gave recommendations for social events to be able to put our new dance steps to the test!
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    They believe moving your bodies, stretching your minds, and being a part of a vibrant…
  • Jazzercise


    4622 S. Lamar Apt/Suite, Austin
    Safety guidelines

    Dance Mixx

    Everyone was so welcoming and it was such a fun dance/strength class!
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    Jazzercise Oak Hill Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Austin, TX offers group fitness…
  • South Austin Aikido, Inc.
    Martial Arts

    South Austin Aikido, Inc.

    Balance Dance Studios, 4544 S Lamar Blvd, Building #200 Suite 2, Austin
    Safety guidelines
    South Austin Aikido is a community of people working together to create a dynamic…
  • Melody Douglas at Salon Lofts

    Melody Douglas at Salon Lofts

    4211 S. Lamar Blvd., Loft 13, Austin
    Melody Douglas at Salon Lofts loves to create synergy between personality, lifestyle…
  • The Organic Color Salon
    Hair removal, Hair, …

    The Organic Color Salon

    5601 Brodie Lane, Suite 1000, Salon Suite 503, Austin


    Nora was amazing!! Great conversation and haircut. Lovely space as well. Would highly recommend :)
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    Making people feel beautiful is their passion. They offer a wide range of wonderful…
  • Texas Laser & Aesthetics Training Academy

    Texas Laser & Aesthetics Training Academy

    4534 Westgate Blvd, Suite 112 , Austin

    Supreme Facial with Students

    Kim was amazing!!! Her facial was great! Loved the massage and the conversation sooooo much too!!!
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    Don’t allow flaws within your skin to change the way you feel about your complexion…
  • Gorgeous Nails & Spa

    Gorgeous Nails & Spa

    4477 South Lamar Boulevard, Ste 405, Austin
    Gorgeous Nails & Spa is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta…
  • SALON by milk + honey South Lamar

    SALON by milk + honey South Lamar

    4715 S Lamar Blvd, Sunset Valley, TX 78745, USA, Austin
    Hair Salons are busy and wait times can be unpredictable. But getting pampered shouldn…
  • Catena & Company
    Hair, Hair removal, …

    Catena & Company

    4534 West Gate Boulevard, Austin
    Hair Salons are busy and wait times can be unpredictable. But getting pampered shouldn…
  • Atelier Maxime

    Atelier Maxime

    5601 Brodie Lane, Austin
    Atelier Maxime is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta program…
  • JPark Studio
    Hair, Facial

    JPark Studio

    5601 Brodie Lane #1000, Suite 202 & 501, Sunset Valley
    JPark Studio is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta program…
  • Salon Deleon LLC

    Salon Deleon LLC

    5601 Brodie Lane Suite 1000 Room, Studio 204, Austin
    Salon Deleon LLC is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta program…
  • Orange Salon

    Orange Salon

    4211 S. Lamar Blvd Room 5, Austin
    Orange Salon is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta program…
  • Emylee Salinas at Lucid Salon

    Emylee Salinas at Lucid Salon

    Sunset Valley Village, 5601 Brodie Lane, Suite 1000, Sunset Valley
    Lucid Salon is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a beta program…
  • Austin Regalia Nails and Spa

    Austin Regalia Nails and Spa

    4036 South Lamar Boulevard Suite 500, Austin


    Really great, large area and was able to distance! Great nail tech and amazing manicure!
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    Austin Regalia Nails and Spa is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge…
  • TruFusion


    4211 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin
    Safety guidelines

    60 Min. KettleBooty (All Levels)

    Nice studio, clean, very helpful staff. This class is not heated like others. There’s a lot of cardio moves, so expect a fast pace class vs. lower body weight lifting. I will definitely be sore tomorrow and will definitely be back!
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    TruFusion is a one-of-a-kind group fitness studio that offers 5 studios in 1 and…