• ZAKTi Fitness
    Livestream HIIT, Strength Training

    ZAKTi Fitness

    101 Pemberton St, Philadelphia

    VIRTUAL Balanced Fit Functional.

    Pete is very nice and very knowledgeable. This is a good slower-paced class for folks with mobility issues or folks trying to keep them at bay. Lots of lunges, standing one-legged twists, and floor work similar to bridges. I recommend having a play list ready to set your own mood.
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    U N L O C K • R E P A T T E R N • R E V I T A L I Z E We are innovative body…
  • Philly InMovement
    Gymnastics, Aerial, …

    Philly InMovement

    500 Kenilworth St, Philadelphia

    Adult Aerial

    I enjoyed the class! Wasn’t expecting such a long warm up. I also would have enjoyed moving at a faster pace, but I understand that some individuals had a difficult time grasping movements.
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    Philly InMovement is a kid’s (and sometimes Adult's) gym with locations in both Queen…
  • CrossFit 2 St.
    Strength Training

    CrossFit 2 St.

    Versus Elite Training, 1323 S 2nd St, Philadelphia


    I liked this class. Everyone was so friendly. Coach was also nice and demonstrated everything
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    A premier fitness facility designed to help anyone obtain their fitness goals. Whether…
  • South Philly Fit
    Strength Training

    South Philly Fit

    201 Reed St., Philadelphia

    Outdoor HIIT

    Katherine was super fun and the workout routine she set up was an awesome variety of activities which felt me feeling super tired but strong. I definitely had some great sore muscles the next day - a sign of a great class!
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    South Philly Fit offers outdoor and indoor strength and conditioning workouts for…

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