• Move Studio

    Move Studio

    600 Broadway, Sacramento

    Teen & Adult Capoeira

    This was my favorite experience with any class that I’ve tried on this app so far! I didn’t know much about capoeira to begin with but I loved the fusion of martial arts with dance and music and even singing! When learning, I loved the welcoming and helpful community and Rafael accommodated the level for beginners and explained everything well! It was incredible what other students could do, I would love to come back and learn more techniques! Thank you all for the incredible experience!!
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    Move Studio - Sacramento offers the public an introduction and a chance to participate…
  • Aspire Strength and Wellness
    Strength Training

    Aspire Strength and Wellness

    2130 10th St, Sacramento

    Upper Body Horizontal Strength

    Excellent class! Great traditional strength training session with John. This class was a full upper body workout and while it did not have a focus on cardio, it was an amazing workout and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for small groups and focus on improving strength
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    Aspire Strength and Wellness is a Fitness Coaching Facility with a team that creates…

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