• Power Hour 360
    Boxing, Strength Training, …

    Power Hour 360

    400 Urban Plaza, Kirkland
    Safety guidelines

    Power Hour

    I liked having the virtual guides and a person kindly yelling at me to get the work done. very motivation!
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    Power Hour 360 offers 1 hour fast paced personal group training classes. Classes…
  • Seattle Boxing Gym

    Seattle Boxing Gym

    2001 15th Avenue West, Seattle

    Group Boxing Class

    Emil was great! He took the time to show me to basics and made sure I understood techniques. I will definitely be coming back. Highly recommend!
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    They provide a great alternative to the traditional gym. They can assist you in achieving…
  • MAX10 Fitness
    Boxing, Strength Training

    MAX10 Fitness

    11552 15th AVE NE, Seattle

    MAX Strength

    I enjoy taking strength classes with Mary and Steve but Aaron was a good sub. This class felt exceptionally long, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as we did a variety of kettlebell and calisthenics exercises. There were no dumbells involved, but I thoroughly enjoy working with kettlebells. Although the class felt long, the class was in no way boring and I most definitely got a great workout in!
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    The MAX10 Fitness program has been helping women and men regain their health and…
  • Bassline Fitness
    Boxing, Cycling

    Bassline Fitness

    126 Central Way, Kirkland


    This was super fun. Dark room. Crazy music videos make you feel like your at a rave which made me work really hard and crave a joint at the same time. I’m hella sore already. Can’t wait to go again. Childcare is everything.
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    Bassline Fitness features two different high intensity interval training workout…

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