• Gibney Dance
    Dance, Pilates, …

    Gibney Dance

    280 Broadway, New York

    Slow Intermediate Simonson

    I would recommend some dance experience or at least good coordination in order to take this class. That said, though, Chris was super nice and encouraging, the music and choreography were interesting, and it was a good experience.
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    Gibney’s Training Department, led by Senior Director of Training, Alexandra Wells…
  • GROOV3



    GROOV3 dance - Livestream

    Shari is an awesome teacher - so much energy and so positive! What a great workout with some sick DJ beats, it definitely gets you sweating. Hoping she adds more classes!!!
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    Scratch your idea of fitness and get intoxicated by GROOV3. Turn up for the sweatiest…
  • Ashling Academy

    Ashling Academy

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