• Performance Lab by The Wright Fit
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Performance Lab by The Wright Fit

    28-17 42nd Road, Long Island City
    Safety guidelines

    Strength Rx

    Eric is such a motivating instructor in all the best ways. I like that he’s so calm but still manages to be upbeat and encouraging. What I particularly liked about this class is that because it was a bit more full, Eric was accompanied by another staff member to lead the second group through the circuits so both groups got individual attention, encouragement, and clarity. Super, super helpful! As for the workout, kicked my butt but it was super doable.
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    Performance Lab is the ultimate dual fitness studio focused on wholistic programming…
  • PPA Studio
    Dance, Low-impact Training

    PPA Studio

    53-44 11th Street, Queens
    Safety guidelines

    Beginner Kpop

    I really like this place! I’m a beginner to Kpop dancing, and I felt like I was able to keep up and actually learn the dance! We did a blackpink song which I was super excited about! The class size is very small (maybe around 4 people), which I really liked. Will definitely try to come again!
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    Dance classes for all styles, all levels, and ages!