• El Noel Eco-Center for Integrative Wellness
    Massage, Acupuncture

    El Noel Eco-Center for Integrative Wellness

    525 Clinton Ave, Suite 2, Brooklyn

    Swedish Massage

    Great massage at a nice place if you have lots of credits to burn. It was a spa mixed with yoga studio experience, private rooms, clean and provided robes & slippers. I had an amazing massage that left me knot-free and relaxed and not too sore. The scalp massage at the end was actually amazing. Would go back.
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    El Noel supports preventative and environmentally conscious health and wellness modulates…
  • [salon]718


    610 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn
    [salon]718, are your modern Brooklyn hair stylists, inclusive of all hair types and…
  • Tabata Ultimate Fitness
    Strength Training

    Tabata Ultimate Fitness

    1089 Pacific Street, Brooklyn

    Weighted HITT

    Honestly love all of the tabata classes here! And Anwar is a gem, so was the other instructor. Really challenging and a complete workout. New space is bigger but could use a place to change that’s not the two single-stall bathrooms.
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    Tabata Ultimate Fitness is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fitness studio…
  • Jewel City Yoga

    Jewel City Yoga

    660 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn


    Really enjoyed this class as my first yin practice. Megan was helpful, had calming energy and helped bring awareness to muscles and tension through really deep, beautiful stretches. Great class to open up the hips, chest and back.
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    Jewel City Yoga is a collective and collaborative space to embody the practice of…
  • Crunch Gym
    Gym Time

    Crunch Gym

    314 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn


    This is my second time going and I love it. Great way to work up a good sweat and it’s got that Caribbean booty poppin music! Baja is encouraging, has high energy and is hilarious. I’m definitely planning to go again next week.
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    Crunch is a high end gym chain with 145+ locations nationwide. They specialize in…
  • BYKlyn


    258 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

    BYK & Boot

    This was my first time taking the bootcamp class at bkyln and I enjoyed it. I’ve been focusing on strength training classes lately so this was a great mix of cardio and HIIT. I was dragging during the cycling portion but got my energy when the HIIT round came and Declan kicked it up a notch. I wish there was a bit more energy in the room during the HIIT round (music maybe?) Looking forward to coming back!
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    The teachers are great, the workout is intense, the results are real, and the experience…
  • Park Slope Yoga Center

    Park Slope Yoga Center

    837 Union St, Brooklyn


    Elizabeth’s class was definitely focused more on body awareness than muscular endurance, and it definitely had more of a full body tilt than Ebony’s class, which is typically very much centered on ab muscle endurance. Both are great, and I feel super restored after Elizabeth’s class! Just different focus from each instructor
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    Park Slope Yoga has a variety of strong teachers who offer over 50 classes per week…
  • Area Yoga

    Area Yoga

    45 5th Ave, Brooklyn

    Open Flow | 60 Minutes

    Andromeda has a perfect voice, tone, and aura for yoga!! She teaches a great class that really helps you think about your positions and where you’re focusing. An incredible stretch and a lovely way to spend an hour!
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    Sync to a higher vibration with classes led by area's favorite yoga teachers that…
  • Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center
    Pilates, Yoga

    Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center

    367 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn

    all level vinyasa,

    Really nice relaxing, breathing class, you'll feel great after and maybe not understand why. This isn't a full-on crazy workout, but if you go to shambhala you'll know that's their style, and maybe you're just going here to recover from another crazy workout you just did yesterday. Although they might benefit from naming their classes better, this absolutely was not vinyasa which I'm fine with
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    Shambhala is an intimate, non-competitive, community and family-oriented yoga and…
  • Studio Maya Inc.
    Yoga, Dance, …

    Studio Maya Inc.

    603 Bergen St, Ste 103, Brooklyn

    Pure Booty

    Maya employs a very unique approach to strength training. This class is challenging but without sweating buckets. You do targeted work on your butt muscles. Moves you wouldn’t think to really do. You won’t sweat a lot but you’ll feel it. SORE.
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    Studio Maya is a green studio for holistic health and exercise. Classes include core…
  • Juniper
    Prenatal, Yoga, …


    639 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

    Bloom-Level 2

    Great friendly, neighborhood studio. I don’t know how she does it but Emily always knows exactly what I need without me knowing it myself. I don’t get into the spirituality of yoga, but this class truly left me feeling reborn and great.
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    Juniper, Brooklyn is a container for bodily practices, spiritual growth and the celebration…
  • Flow Pilates
    Pilates, Livestream pilates

    Flow Pilates

    163 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn

    Virtual Mat Core Flow

    Awesome full body workout! Even the tiniest movements are challenging to keep your core engaged. Sierra comes up with great choreography when designing the flow of the class.
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    Flow Pilates offers small group Reformer and Pilates Mat Classes, as well as private…
  • Prospect Heights Yoga

    Prospect Heights Yoga

    184 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn

    Morning Flow

    Great class! Loved that she taught us the flow sequence and then let us do it on our own once before moving on. Always feels great to move on my own and to be given the space and structure to do so! Good mix of harder muscle-toning yoga and restful poses at the end.
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    Prospect Heights Yoga brings in some of the best yoga instructors in New York City…
  • SLT
    Strength Training, Pilates


    289 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

    SLT - All Levels

    My first regular (not Essentials) SLT class and I absolutely loved it. Lanae is a fabulous teacher. Loved the interval style she used today, whereby we did a series of three exercises in a row and then cycled back through them all. It was nice to not have to stay in the same exercise for super long, but still get to come back to it and hit it again. I sweat my ass off. And she played great music.
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    Strengthen (your core), Lengthen (your limits), Tone (your body). If cardio, strength…
  • Sevenbell Fitness
    Pilates, Yoga

    Sevenbell Fitness

    640 Dean St, Brooklyn

    KickAss Boxing

    If you are looking for a REAL boxing class taught by someone who’s clearly been doing this for 2+ decades, this is your class. Tough, not a beginner class but easy enough to follow along if you have no experience. Already motivated to go back and do better than the last time. No frills gym but a great workout.
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    SevenBell Fitness is a limited membership private fitness facility. We have a main…
  • Club Pilates Live
    Pilates, Low-credit livestreams, …

    Club Pilates Live

    336 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

    Virtual Class! (30 Mins)

    Alicia’s virtual class was AMAZING!! So challenging. But the best part? Her positive attitude and encouragement! Super motivating instructor!
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    Club Pilates provides small group and private training classes for reformer Pilates…
  • Krav Maga Experts
    Martial Arts

    Krav Maga Experts

    Krav Maga - Park Slope, 69A 7th Ave, Brooklyn

    Krav Maga - Upper East Side

    It was a great class but you need to think about how serious you are about leaning Krav Maga before you go. The instructor Mark was super nice and great at inspiring people. The class was relatively small so you could get enough attention. However it is more like a trail on ClassPass. If you are like me who likes to do various workout every month, Krav Maga might not be a good one to add to your routine. The class is not really for beginners, so in order to keep up with the rest you kind of have to sign up for the membership. I read the negative reviews about the promoters before I went, but luckily the one calling me was very polite. But if you only go once or twice a month using classpass, you will not get enough trainings. But try it out, you might be intrigued and sign up for the membership. Who knows :)
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    Krav Maga Experts teaches the best self defense classes in NYC. Professional instructors…
  • Brooklyn Meditation

    Brooklyn Meditation

    833 Union Street, Brooklyn


    First time, Heather guided very well
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    Brooklyn Meditation has now virtual providing small live guided sessions and one…
  • [FREE] The Rise NYC
    Strength Training

    [FREE] The Rise NYC

    Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch, 20 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

    [FREE] Brooklyn Body Circuit @ Prospect Park

    Awesome way to start the day and great energy!
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    FREE Outdoor fitness in the concrete jungle. The Rise NYC has early morning group…
    Martial Arts, Strength Training


    759 Washington Ave, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn


    Very welcoming to newcomers! The instructor learned everyones name and gave lots of encouragement and helpful feedback on form. The first 15-20 minutes were more general HIIT stuff (lunges, crunches, etc), and the rest was kickboxing training with a partner. Definitely a real workout!
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    They teach the practical aspects of self-defense through the discipline of martial…
  • House of Hair Salon & Spa
    Facial, Massage

    House of Hair Salon & Spa

    615 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

    60 Minute Cleansing Facial

    Had a great facial with Milton! It was my first time getting a facial and Milton was both informative and amazing. He did a skin analysis, quickly figuring out exactly what was going on with my skin and actually let me know that I was using the wrong cleanser for my skin. The steam felt incredible, as did the exfoliation, moisturizing, etc. I also ended up having to get blackheads extracted which cost more but I didn’t mind. I would definitely go again!
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    They realize that you have many choices when choosing a Brooklyn Salon or Spa. They…
  • Feel Integrated

    Feel Integrated

    911 Union St., Brooklyn

    Massage Therapy 60 mins

    Phil was amazing!! I had such a good massage. Usually massages are too light but he applied the perfect amount of pressure.
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    Therapeutic bodywork along with exercise is the best way to address stress and restore…

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