• Club Metro USA
    Dance, Yoga, …

    Club Metro USA

    525 Washington Blvd., Jersey City
    Safety guidelines

    Boot Camp

    This class is good. We don’t start right at 6pm which makes me feel good about being there on time. The circuit is a good mix of intense and easier stuff. It’s really what you make of it with doing the more challenging options that the instructor puts out.
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    It’s a challenge finding a gym that offers it all. At Club Metro USA in Jersey City…
  • Surge Fitness
    Strength Training

    Surge Fitness

    190 Christopher Columbus Drive , 1R, Jersey City

    Surge Ladies Class

    Jason’s great! Really knowledgeable about muscle groups and worked with me on a rotator injury. Was nervous about strength training given my painful shoulder, but he gave me safe and effective target exercises and stretches. Better than physical therapy!
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    Surge Fitness is a boutique studio. They offer small group classes, one-on-one/semi…
  • JCF Boot Camp
    Strength Training

    JCF Boot Camp

    39 Erie St, Jersey City
    JCF is a results driven and energetic fitness workout program that includes camaraderie…
  • CRAG
    Strength Training


    127 1st St, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines

    The Kitchen Sink

    I wanted a class that kicked my ass and I got exactly what I asked for. Lots of cardio, lots of strength, and enough instructor attention that I couldn't get away with skipping anything. I am so scared for how sore I'll be tomorrow. ??
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    CRAG is the first, the original, Versaclimber group fitness studio on the east coast…

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