• 17 Reasons Athletic Club
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    17 Reasons Athletic Club

    1920 Bryant Street, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    Cycle+Core (vaccination req'd)

    This was my first time back to the studio since the pandemic, and I remember enjoying it just as much as I liked it today. The cycling is very safe in a good way. If you’ve ever had knee pain or back pain, this is the cycling for you. It’s hard but not overly painful on the joints. The core session was also great and tough
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    17 Reasons Athletic Club is a woman-owned independent fitness studio in San Francisco…
  • BODY.
    Strength Training, Outdoors, …


    2275 Market Street, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    TRX (19th St/Dolores)

    Daivya is the best instructor I’ve found in my 3 years in SF! I’ve tried many class pass classes. Daivya gives out the best energy and her classes have the best/ most uplifting vibe. The classes are a great workout. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming and the music is great! Highly recommend!
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    If you’re looking for a studio and outdoor bootcamps with classes that are as challenging…
  • Personal Training Bootcamp
    Boxing, Outdoors

    Personal Training Bootcamp

    682 Church Street, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    Hokali Boxing Session

    This was a great value for the class. The instructor got in a bit late, but he made up the time at the end and even put more time. It was very talkative class where I got taught the basics of boxing, so I learned a lot, but very explanatory. The class was 25 min intro talk and wrapping of hands, 20 min of jump rope and 1 hr of boxing one on one.
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    Do you want to lose some weight or gain muscle? Hokali Fitness sessions will help…
  • Yoga & Mobility
    Yoga, Prenatal, …

    Yoga & Mobility

  • Mel Paz Yoga
    Yoga, Outdoors

    Mel Paz Yoga

    19th and Dolores Street (Dolores Park), San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    Sunday Outdoor Yoga

    Great instructor! She showed us a lot of cool moves but didn’t pressure us and I felt comfortable going at my own pace. It was also a beautiful day at the park - I felt so refreshed and relaxed after! Will be coming again!
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • WERKout
    Strength Training, Outdoors


    Dolores Park, 3773 18th St, MULTIPLE LOCATIONS IN THE CITY- please read your reservation reminder email for meeting point, San Francisco
    Safety guidelines

    Full body | TRX | Battleropes

    Solid workout. Some partner work, which was fun. Wish the class was an hour instead of 45 minutes.
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    WERKout TRX outdoor fitness class. TRX bootcamps (Dolores park) Monday and…