• Acrosports
    Aerial, Strength Training


    639 Frederick St, San Francisco

    Lyra (Hoop) - Intermediate *Instructor Approval Required

    I've really come to appreciate Keri's intermediate class - she will transform you into an aerial badass. Class mostly focuses on foundational work such as single knee hangs, meat hooks and planches. Tricks seem to come second which is fine in my opinion. Without correct form you have nothing right? Keri's teaching style is more direct but don't let that intimidate you - she wants to ensure you're doing it correctly and you'll thank her later for it.
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    AcroSports is a non-profit gymnasium that has been serving the community since 1…
  • Tanya Scott's Boundless
    Strength Training

    Tanya Scott's Boundless

    200 S Main St, #120, Sebastopol


    Loved everything about this class - great music, good mid day workout, and a clean studio with fresh air and light. Its perfect for squeezing in during your lunch hour and you dont sweat too much, so no need to shower before heading back to the office!
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    Boundless is the only Rebounding fitness studio in Northern California. They offer…
  • House Of Air
    Strength Training

    House Of Air

    926 Old Mason St, San Francisco

    Air Conditioning Workout

    Being the only participant that day, the instructor allowed me to customize the workout. Since it was my first time, I asked her to do it normally, and it was great! Nora was friendly, and the class was fun and as challenging as you want to make it!
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    Air Conditioning Classes at HOA will leave your cheeks just as sore as your quads…

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