• Prime Cycle
    Livestream pilates, Livestream cycling, …

    Prime Cycle

    25 5th Street, Hoboken

    Queen x Rihanna

    At the start of class, I had actually laughed when Daniel was explaining the resistance numbers and quoted the number 18. By the end of class, I made it to resistance 20. Daniel moves fast, but he pushes you farther than you think you can go. Great class!
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  • SWERVE Fitness
    Livestream HIIT, Cycling

    SWERVE Fitness

    30 W 18th St, New York


    First class with Danielle. She is really good. Plays the coolest variety of music of all different genres which would appeal to anyone. Her style is still similar to flywheel and she threw in several intervals that were not on the board which I felt was hard to get motivated for. Still a great class.
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    Now offering live off-bike, beat-based workouts - no equipment needed. These workouts…
  • Harlem Cycle
    Livestream cycling, Cycling

    Harlem Cycle

    2350 7th Ave, New York

    Harlem Cycle Express (45 mins)

    Great class. Wasn’t a fan the first time I attended his class bc I didn’t sweat enough, but I def sweat a ton today. I wasn’t a fan of the arm workout though. It lasted about 90 seconds and was primarily push ups against the back, which didn’t work out anything. I’d much rather the studio stop providing those single one time use plastic water bottles that are HORRIBLE for the environment and buy light weights to prop on every bike so we can do a real arm workout.
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    Harlem Cycle is Harlem's first boutique indoor indoor cycling studio in Harlem! With…
  • Cyc Fitness

    Cyc Fitness

    700 8th Ave, New York


    Hunter is super energetic, funny and upbeat. His class is great for newbies because he’s really welcoming. He plays a wide variety of fun, dancey music. It’s still a tough workout though. He somehow makes class at 6am really enjoyable.
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    Cyc offers a series of exhilarating, beat-based rides that activates the whole body…
  • RYDE Cycle

    RYDE Cycle

    52 E 13th St, New York

    Ryde 45

    Kaitlin’s a great instructor - good upbeat music choices (mainly dance/remix versions of pop songs), well structured format, and very challenging mix of pushes, climbs, sprints, and choreography. One small critique would be I wish she’d countdown more during big pushes or at least let the class know how long they were going to be. It was so tough sprinting hard not knowing how long I’d be doing it for. Other than that, i really the class!
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    The RYDE Cycle method is a full-body workout that is rhythmic-based and results-driven…
  • Simply Fit Astoria
    Cycling, Strength Training

    Simply Fit Astoria

    3720 Astoria Blvd S, Queens

    Boot Camp

    Really great workout to be done at your own pace. To feel the workout, you cannot be lazy. pick up heavy weights and grit through. pure strength. dont expect cardio. I loved it! felt like working out casually with friends even though I was dying.
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    This amazing and newly built out Astoria studio offers calorie-torching classes such…
  • Crank Cycling Studio

    Crank Cycling Studio

    4630 Center Blvd, Queens


    Cedric is great!! He gives structure to the class to motivate instead of some places that just have you spin the whole time without drills. Good music! Good workout!
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    Most of Crank Cycling Studio's classes are 45 minutes long and tend to be “interval…
  • Manhattan Plaza Health Club
    Yoga, Gym Time, …

    Manhattan Plaza Health Club

    482 West 43rd Street, New York

    Cycling: Straight Up Spin

    Great biking with sprints and hills. Instructor is very clear, giving a range of gear and rpm. Small class which makes it even better to follow up. Loved it !
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    These are just a few of the 70+ classes Manhattan Plaza Health Club (MPHC) offers…

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