• [solidcore]
    Pilates, Strength Training


    2311 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington
    Safety guidelines

    Buns + Guns

    Class was great, so tough and exactly what I hoped for/love about Buns + Guns. That said, some of the instructions were unclear and I ended up hurting my knee in a squat. So, that wasn’t fun. But, I think if I understood more clearly what the coach meant it would have been ok.
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    [solidcore] is a 50-minute, full body workout that uses slow, controlled movements…
  • Laurie Granger Boot Camps
    Strength Training

    Laurie Granger Boot Camps

    1516 N. Lincoln Street, Arlington

    Bootcamp @ Hayes Park

    A great workout for your entire body, a perfect mix of cardio, strength and abs.
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    Laurie Granger Fitness provides cardio, strength training, balance, and high intensity…
  • Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts
    Strength Training

    Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts

    2111 Wilson Boulevard , Arlington

    Boot Camp

    Great workout with great people! Excellent hands on coaching.
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    Since 1989, Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts have been much more than just exercise class…
  • MADabolic
    Strength Training


    3100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington


    Anaerobic kills me every. time. In the best way, and especially with Eric coaching. For the reviewers saying “class was short” or “too much rest time,” reevaluate your effort during the work periods.
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    MADabolic Inc. is an innovative interval-based strength and endurance program. Each…

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