• Mind Body Project
    Strength Training

    Mind Body Project

    217 7th Avenue, New York
    Safety guidelines
    Mind Body Project is the world's first meditation + high intensity fitness experience…
  • The DRIP Fitness Hoboken
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    The DRIP Fitness Hoboken

    22 Hudson Place, Hoboken
    Safety guidelines
    CYCLING | STRENGTH& HIIT | BARRE |BOXING sweat baptizing, core burning, rhythm loving…
    Strength Training, Outdoors, …


    51 E 34th St, #1A, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Coach came as me about 5-6 mins late. Not good but no biggie. Class is nonstop. No breaks whatsoever. GREAT sweat. They do alot of outdoor laps. We dis 4 today so bring a long sleeve shirt to easily slip into. There’s alot of cardio and jump squats, which I prefer. First 1/2 is mainly cardio drills: high knees, planks, outside laps around the block, bear crawls. Second 1/2 is a circuit we do two tomes followed by an outside lap. No breaks at all. No slowing down. Challenging class. Good for overall toning and to blast cals. Not good if you’re a model or dancer looking to sculpt and not bulk up. We dud extended plans that can bulk up the shoulders as well as burpees & jump squats that can bulk up the legs. Literally your agent’s nightmare. I’d still def return but modify the moves as I did today to avoid jump squats/a ton of big thigh muscle work.
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    At WRKNYC, we encompass a modern style of training the body and mind that’s suitable…
  • CompleteBody
    Strength Training, Yoga, …


    10 Hanover Square, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Vinyasa Yoga

    Class was good for a beginner with a few challenging poses but the pace was a little too slow compared to other vinyasa classes I’ve taken. Gym facilities are nice and a bonus to be able to use the sauna, steam room, and showers during the visit.
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    CompleteBody offers the best in Group classes whether your looking for HIIT programs…
  • Liftonic
    Strength Training, Yoga, …


    13 Gansevoort St, Basement, New York

    LT:HIRT Upper Body

    Loved class!! I love the pace of these classes but in particular today seemed a little too rushed. I would rather the class have an additional 5 minutes to incorporate more breaks between sets. Couldn’t even get myself set up for the next block of work with how little time there was between each block of work
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    LIFTONIC is a group weight training studio that focuses on building and toning muscle…

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